the snake tale

The Snake Tale


One day I was in the outback in Australia, and I realized I am the only snake that´s like me. I looked for days to find another like me, but I still had no luck. I wanted to give up, but I needed to find other snakes like me, but I still had no luck. I moved on and I was slithering in the sand and I thought to myself that I was hungry so I search and searched. Later, I found a badger and I was going really quietly to attack it, and suddenly it runs away, so I chase it and it ends up going into a hole. I slowly slither into the hole and I see him chomping on snakes that are just like me. I saw this and I was furious. I was going to strike this badger and then he slapped me and that hurt but I strike again. He then goes to swing at me but I dodge it and I bite him right in the neck. When I bit him, I made sure to put so much venom into him because he is the reason why there is no more snakes like me. The bite made him flop to the floor and I hissed so loud, the whole valley heard. I look into the hole where I am in and I see a book.


The book reads: ¨If you want to bring snakes back alive you must perform a ritual at dusk, the day when you find this book.¨  As I’m reading this, I am freaking out like what if I don’t do it in time or I am too late or I mess up the ritual. I am freaking out. So I wait until dusk and I do the ritual, like the instructions told me so. It’s a very foggy evening with lots of howling, so I start to get scared and I go along with this ritual. As I am hissing the rhythmic tones, the book told me to hiss, I must eat a whole cactus for them to come back alive. So I start at the time of dusk. It’s also a very long ritual. Just the fact that I must hiss and eat a cactus at the same time is such an outstanding concept. I start hissing the rhythm the ritual book tells me to… Hiss HisS HIss HISs HisssSSSSssSS… I stop. The ground from the sandy hole starts rumbling, and a shiny cactus appears. I know that I must eat this cactus just for my friends and fellow snake family to give them life. I open my mouth as wide as I can. The cactus falls into my mouth, and I bite it… The book starts floating and glowing, I realized what i have done. The book shoots out pounds of golden flowing strands of life into each of my fellow snake friends. They are alive. I have done it.


I was amazed that it really work. I am so happy and thankful for my friends and family to finally be alive. When all of the snakes rose from  the ground and I saw them take their first breath, I wanted to scream so loud that I could blow people’s ears off. I finally was treated kindly by each of my snake friends. My snake friends and I start to talk and they are asking all sorts of questions

Bill asked “ How did you do it?¨

I replied with “ I don’t know¨, joking, ¨imma god and a legend that’s how”

As Bill and I are talking and all of the sudden the biggest snake I’ve ever seen comes from up under the ground.

“Bow down to me you peasant” said the huge snake.

“ who are you” said bill


“I am the god of all snakes” replied huge snake

I said “you better scram”

He replied with “ make me”

“I will”

I go too strike along with the other snakes. We all go for the chest too bite him because its closest to his heart so it will make him die faster. We all get on fangs into his skin,we all spit as much venom as possible. He starts too slither weird to get away from us and when he starts to get his distance from us we heard a big boom and it sounded like a bomb just went off. It the the biggest snake ever just died to the best snakes in the world. We all slither over to the huge snake. And we look at it and he is ripped apart and blood, skin, and footprints. We all wonder our venom could not have done this too the snake. We want to find out who did this.

“i want to know now” yelled bill

“Trust me we all do because if it can do that to that big of a snake,

“then just imagine what it can do to us” said snek

Ok so we are all wondering who would of  done this then i remember the badger i killed in the beging his friend wanted revenge. Then all of the sudden we hear loud chanting. We all go there very quiet and peek around a corner. We all see the badges screaming yelling and singing in delight.while we are listening too the badgers. they start coming at us 


Wait till the next time on the snake tale

name tags

Hi my name is jordan and this is my name tag as you can see by my huge name in the middle. On the top left corner it is interpersonal which means i like to be around people. In the top left corner it is bodily kinesthetic which means I like to express myself with sports and being active + dancing and anything involving moving… . in the bottom left it say naturalist which means i love being outside. In the bottom left it says logical mathematics which means i love too solve things with numbers and i like  to solve and figure out puzzle message PartId=0.1

fortnite review

People need to know that while the original single-player version of Fortnite battleroyal is a survival action game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac, it’s the most popular game ever. pvp or person vs person mode known as Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite battle royal is the biggest free game ever.

In fortnite battle royal the new season is super hero theme and there is a lot of new emotes, dances and skins. In the battle royal you can play in solo, duo, and squads and in each game you go into there is 100 people.

The game has a cartoonish style, and the violence is not bloody or gory at all and really you dont die you get teleported bact to the waitng loby. Even though you’re using melee weapons and firearms to eliminate opponents, the storm is shrinking throughout the game and it keeps going in too make you fight other people in the game until there is one person left.  Fortnite presentation emits a lighthearted tone.  Weapons, ammo, and health items litter it’s silly-named cities, all using alliteration–Tomato Town, Moisty Mire, Tilted Towers, to name a few. Even enemies don’t really die; they’re teleported away after getting knocked out. Valuable loot is found inside pinatas called supply llamas. Players throw up basic structures formed out of thin air and firearms brightly express their trajectory. But don’t let that first impression fool you; the further you get into a match, the more you see how Fortnite gameplay elements have to be used in clever and complex ways to emerge victorious.

Even though the game is free people still spend thousands of dollars. They like to spend this much money because they want all of the dances such as boneless, dab, and floss. There is also new skins coming out almost every two weeks. And some of those skins are John wick, omega, and valor. Just like skins there is also pickaxes and the reason is primarily because the fortnite has a very big lure, which makes the players of the game want too buy skins.Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween event end date

ive been gone

I know I have been away for a long time and ill tell you why. i’ve been working on a culture fair for our school. a culture fair is were you research about a topic that goes along with your culture, Than you write a paper and you make a board about your topic. And you go to this thing after school and you present to other people.

internet challenge

  The first time I encounter someone trying to eat a tide pod was on Instagram. Tide pods came out in February 2012 when i was living in Florida my friends and I were in the store and the looked like little square candies but we finally realized that they were for laundry but we would never eat one. How ever social media challenges have made thus no laughing matter. Teens wanting to participate in internet challenges, such as the tide pod challenge, however the teens never realized too consider the physical and social effects of the see types of challenges. The physical and social effects of these challenges are very dangerous.


Image result for tide pod challenge


Most teens don’t realize the physical effects of eating tide pods on there body. “The chemicals causes severe burns to the mouth” (Chokshi). This explains that eating tide pods are giving you burns in your mouth but people are still eating them. ¨ tide pods contain 90 percent active and only 10 percent water¨ (chokshi). This explains that you are eating just soap and chemicals. The Physical effect of tide pods can kill you as a result. Tide pod can burn you, out and kill you.


Image result for tide pod challenge


Most teens realize the social effects of what Tide Pod challenges have on the public. ¨It seems every few weeks and a new internet challenge takes social media by a storm.¨ (Chokshi) This explains that another dumb internet challenge spirals and people get hurt over new challenges. ¨Poison control handled 39 cases which a teenager were intentionally exposed to the detergent packet¨ (Chokshi). This explains that Tide Pods challenges influenced 39 people too try the tide pod challenge. As a result   the Tide Pod challenges cause social effects to the people who do it.

In conclusion these Tide Pod challenges cause social & physical effects to the teens that do the the challenge. These effects affect them socially by making younger kids wanting to join or other people also to end up getting hurt by the physical causes it has on them too. Which are being burnt in the mouth with blisters, etc.

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the wave meme

this relates to the wave because if you disobeyed the wave you would get punished. you would get threaten and death threats etc… this is the concept of loyalty. loyalty is the the quality of being loyal to someone or something. in the movie Mr. Ross gave the students id cards and some of them had a red x on it. If yours had a red x it means that you spy and tell if someone does not follow the rules and they will get punished. Ben is like the body guard if the wave people saw someone breaking the rules they would report to him and Ben would report to Mr. Ross.

American Revolution Biography on Deborah Sampson

  • Was born on December 17th 1760 in Massachusetts
  • She died on April 29th 1827 and died in Massachusetts


Deborah’s parents were not the best parents let’s say that. Her dad was lost at sea when she was baby, while her mother sent her away to live with relatives, because she couldn’t take care of her children alone. Deborah was a teacher before the American Revolution war. Deborah was living in Plympton, Massachusetts when the war started. Massachusetts would be important for her too join the war because, Massachusetts suffered most of the injustices of the British acts. Deborah didn’t have any FORMAL education, but she did bribe boys in her family to tell her what they learned in school that day. Life before the American Revolution, she worked as a teacher and an unusual story about her is she suck in the army pretending to be a man because they weren’t recruiting women.

This is what she looked

like (a man).

She was given the dangerous task of scouting neutral territory to assess British buildup of men and materiel in Manhattan. Deborah led a raid on a Tory home that resulted in the capture of 15 men. At the siege of Yorktown she dug trenches, helped storm a British redoubt, and endured canon fire. The battles were in 1778 and it was in massachusetts. Deborah was involved in the american revolution around 1778-1781. Deborah was supporting the continental army.


Sampson was discovered after she was hit in the head by a sword and shot in the left thigh by a musket ball. Soon after she was honorably discharged, & she settled down with Benjamin Gannett and they had three children, Earl, Mary, and Patience. Sampson then toured America giving lecture, some of the time in full military uniform. Sampsons life was typical after that of a farmers wife.


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The spirit bear (crr)


Hi my name is Jordan and this my blog and today I am writing about my favorite book. My favorite book is the touching spirit bear and it is wrote by Ben Mikaelsen. I like this book because his good use of words and he doesn’t use the word and and they a lot and I like that in a book. Ben Mikaelsen uses imagery to create a powerful picture of the hardship that Cole must endure on the island. Mikaelsen writes “Each time he gasped, pain gripped his chest and the thick sweet taste of blood filled his mouth.” (67). It paint a picture in my head because of the words he used. For example when Cole gasped pain gripped his chest. The word and details make it so easy to imagine in my head it was like I was there. Mikaelsen writes “His shredded shirt exposed gashes with long strips of flesh missing.” (68). This creates a powerful picture in my head. I can see it happening it’s like I’m there. The words had so much detail, like he used the word gashes make it feel like I have gashes in myself. In conclusion Ben Mikaelsen the author of Touching Spirit Bear used such good detail that shows the hardship that Cole had to go through. Image result for books by ben mikaelsenImage result for spirit bear

I also like this book because of the spirit bear. I Love the spirit bear because i love the coat of the bear the white it kinda reminds me of a polar bear. There is maybe only 100 spirit bear left in this world that is CRAZY. If you look at the  visual i put you will see that the bear looks like a phantom also that is because in the book Cole thinks that the spirit bear is a ghost bear.


If you think you would like reading books wrote by him are some of this books. One of the books are Petey, ghost of spirit bear. My favorite is the touching spirit bear and ghost of spirit bear. I really suggest you read these books.


Food is great, I like food my favorite food is hamburger, and watermelon. I like hamburger because the juice from the burger is so good it makes my mouth water every time I look at one. and I like watermelon because its dissolves in side your mouth and the seed are fun to spit out.

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