The spirit bear (crr)


Hi my name is Jordan and this my blog and today I am writing about my favorite book. My favorite book is the touching spirit bear and it is wrote by Ben Mikaelsen. I like this book because his good use of words and he doesn’t use the word and and they a lot and I like that in a book. Ben Mikaelsen uses imagery to create a powerful picture of the hardship that Cole must endure on the island. Mikaelsen writes “Each time he gasped, pain gripped his chest and the thick sweet taste of blood filled his mouth.” (67). It paint a picture in my head because of the words he used. For example when Cole gasped pain gripped his chest. The word and details make it so easy to imagine in my head it was like I was there. Mikaelsen writes “His shredded shirt exposed gashes with long strips of flesh missing.” (68). This creates a powerful picture in my head. I can see it happening it’s like I’m there. The words had so much detail, like he used the word gashes make it feel like I have gashes in myself. In conclusion Ben Mikaelsen the author of Touching Spirit Bear used such good detail that shows the hardship that Cole had to go through. Image result for books by ben mikaelsenImage result for spirit bear

I also like this book because of the spirit bear. I Love the spirit bear because i love the coat of the bear the white it kinda reminds me of a polar bear. There is maybe only 100 spirit bear left in this world that is CRAZY. If you look at the  visual i put you will see that the bear looks like a phantom also that is because in the book Cole thinks that the spirit bear is a ghost bear.


If you think you would like reading books wrote by him are some of this books. One of the books are Petey, ghost of spirit bear. My favorite is the touching spirit bear and ghost of spirit bear. I really suggest you read these books.