American Revolution Biography on Deborah Sampson

  • Was born on December 17th 1760 in Massachusetts
  • She died on April 29th 1827 and died in Massachusetts


Deborah’s parents were not the best parents let’s say that. Her dad was lost at sea when she was baby, while her mother sent her away to live with relatives, because she couldn’t take care of her children alone. Deborah was a teacher before the American Revolution war. Deborah was living in Plympton, Massachusetts when the war started. Massachusetts would be important for her too join the war because, Massachusetts suffered most of the injustices of the British acts. Deborah didn’t have any FORMAL education, but she did bribe boys in her family to tell her what they learned in school that day. Life before the American Revolution, she worked as a teacher and an unusual story about her is she suck in the army pretending to be a man because they weren’t recruiting women.

This is what she looked

like (a man).

She was given the dangerous task of scouting neutral territory to assess British buildup of men and materiel in Manhattan. Deborah led a raid on a Tory home that resulted in the capture of 15 men. At the siege of Yorktown she dug trenches, helped storm a British redoubt, and endured canon fire. The battles were in 1778 and it was in massachusetts. Deborah was involved in the american revolution around 1778-1781. Deborah was supporting the continental army.


Sampson was discovered after she was hit in the head by a sword and shot in the left thigh by a musket ball. Soon after she was honorably discharged, & she settled down with Benjamin Gannett and they had three children, Earl, Mary, and Patience. Sampson then toured America giving lecture, some of the time in full military uniform. Sampsons life was typical after that of a farmers wife.


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